October 16, 2017

Four tips to finding your new rental in Orange

Finding a rental property can be tough, especially when you live a fair distance from what will be your new town. But there are ways you can get around the constant rushed road trips to Orange or even real estate limbo because you can’t view the property before you move to town. Here are our four tips from us at One Agency Orange that will put you on top of the rental property game:

Do your research

This bit is the easy bit. First know your budget, then get on the internet and see what your money will get you in Orange. Through this phase of internet searching you will be able to narrow down your rental options - be sure to have a list that includes location and real estate agency. If you have a list when you ring each agency it will save you time and effort.

Don’t be afraid questions

If you don’t know Orange, ask us at One Agency Orange about the area, amenities, services and anything else you want to know. Our real estate agents will be happy to answer your queries about all sorts of things - it’s their job to be in the know and across what’s happening in our community. 

Be honest

When you ring to book inspections of rental properties, be honest and up front. If you only have a limited amount of time in town, tell them us that you have a tight turnaround and you’d like to see all the properties in your designated time. We at One Agency Orange will be able to help schedule the inspection appointments to meet your needs.

Be ready

When you get to the inspection stage, have all your applications, documentation and other requirements ready to hand over to the real estate agent. This could save you losing out on a property you like! If we have all the documentation we won’t have any excuse to wait on you and your paperwork to get in order.

We hope this helps you find your new rental property with One Agency Orange.