November 01, 2017


Good tenants are key to having a successful investment property. They can make or break the experience for you, so it’s important to be clear to know what you want to achieve by renting our your property.  

Here are a few pieces of advice we want to pass onto you:  


  1. Be clear with us. As your agents we want you to be clear on what type of tenants you want to attract. Tell them how you would like your investment property to be looked after and we’ll do our best to find the right tenants for you.  

  1. Take on our advice. At One Agency Orange we don’t want our landlords to over invest or make changes that don’t need to be changed. Ask us to come in for a rental appraisal, have a list of your concerns ready and we’ll be able to advise you on what renters require and want.  

  1. Be realistic. Do your research and know what rental properties are priced at in your area. Don’t expect us to over-price your rental because it will sit and cost you money. Every year we will appraise the rental market in Orange and recommend if it’s time to raise the rent on your property or not.  

  1. Be fair and understanding. Good tenants may ask for a few details to be added, things like locks, screens or some holes in the walls. Don’t just say no, if you want to keep good tenants that look after your investment as if it were their own home, it’s recommended that those requests be granted. In the end it can be claimed on tax, anyway!  

  1. We’re here for you and the tenant. There’s no need to hover, drive past every day or show up on your tenant’s door step. We recommend maintaining a respectful distance from your tenant, it’s why you pay us after all - to look after your property and tenant.  

  1. Neutral and hard-wearing is best. If it’s time to paint or replace floors, think of a neutral and hard-wearing materials, and don’t think about your style preferences. Use colours and products that will appeal to the widest variety of tenants. White walls will always be a winner. White and grey kitchens will always be a winner. An easy-cleaning floor like lino or laminate floorboards will always be winners. Tenants are not style deficient and will appreciate a neutral base to help them make your rental property their home.  


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