December 05, 2017


We at One Agency Orange don’t want you to feel like your rental property is ‘just a rental’, we want you to feel like it’s your home. We know this isn’t always the easiest, you can’t just paint a wall or hang a picture when there isn’t an existing nail. But there are ways to make it yours without raising the hackles of the real estate agent or landlord.  


It’s a two-way street. 

Part of it making a house a home, especially when renting, is common sense and respect. If you would like some extra towel rails or a few extra nails in the wall for artwork, ask. Most landlords would be happy to help their tenant out. Landlords respect their tenants when they are respected back with courteous and understandable requests.  



As a tenant with some design ideas you might be cringing at the curtains that come with your new rental property. If you are able to change them easily and without damaging the walls, change them. Pack the landlord’s curtains away in a clean, dry and safe spot and be sure to put them back up when you leave! If you are hesitant to do it without consulting us, just give us a ring at One Agency Orange. We know our landlords well and will be able to guide and help you. 


Stay on top of it.  

If you are having trouble with a tap or peeling paint in your rental property, be sure to raise it with us straight away. We need to know that you’re having trouble so we can help you and the landlord to the best of our abilities. Our team at One Agency Orange are all know things go wrong, no matter who is living in a property.  

The same goes goes if you know you’ll be late with rental payments. Tell us and let us help you.  


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