January 03, 2018

Are you happy to have tenants with pets?

Does the idea of pets in your rental property turn you off? Do you want to be one of those landlords that says ‘no pets’? If the answers are yes, you’re not the only landlords out there who have the same thoughts. But we know of some things that might be able to turn your mind around. 


Here are a quick few facts: 

  • Only 10% of rental properties allow pets  

  • You are more likely to keep a tenant for longer because you allow pets 

These are enticing facts that you can capitalise on!  


Before you consider opening your investment house up to pets, there are a few things you should think about: 

  • Fencing, is it solid and up to a dog? 

  • What can be ruined or affected by pets in the house? [Text Wrapping Break]Think about what flooring and window coverings you have in the rental. If you’re rental has hard floors (think tiles, lino, floorboards) any damage will be minimal. If you have a house full of carpet in good condition it may not be worth the trouble of a tenant with inside pets. [Text Wrapping Break]If you have netted curtains they are most likely to be ruined by climbing cats. Roller blinds are fairly hard-wearing.  

  • If your rental is under a strata title, does your strata law accept pets?  


If you are willing to accept a tenant with pets, investigate and ask these questions: 

  • Ask for a ‘pet bond’ to be written into the rental agreement for any damages caused by animals. 

  • Ask us if the rental price can be raised slightly to factor in a tenant with pets 

  • Does your landlord insurance policy include pets or pet damage? 

  • Is the pet-owning tenant willing to pay for periodic cleaning to eliminate hair and odor? 

  • What size animal are you willing to have in your home? You can ask us as your real estate agent to limit the size of the animal considered.  

  • Can you ask for more references, specifically referring to the animals? 


So now all this has been laid out for you - are you re-thinking your stance? We at One Agency Orange are happy to help you navigate pets being considered in your rental.  


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